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Friday, 14 November 2014

Anti-arts stance by new Education Minister and an open letter in response from Jon Payne from Royal School of Church Music

I can hardly believe the latest load of codswallop to come from the Department of Education.  As if Michael Gove wasn't bad enough, now we have Nicky Morgan.

I feel so angry  that I am just putting out a short post with some links for you to follow.

Read her scathing opinion on why arts subjects are a waste of time taken from "The Stage"

Now read the eloquent and scathing response to her by Jon Payne from the Royal School of Church Music.  I am with him all the way! (I hope the link works)

When I encounter such narrow-mindedness, I shudder.  Poor children, being discouraged from pursuing arts and humanities subjects in order to become more ants in the global economy.  How unfair!

Today I am REALLY happy to be home-educating!

That's all, folks!  Rant over.