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Friday, 13 February 2015

Family Christmas and a new member

** Delay in posting this that I wrote back in January as I have only just received the photos! **

For the first time in a year, we had all our children around us at the same time.  It was marvellous! Everyone seems to act younger when they get together and the house was filled with silly voices and random hair-ruffling!

We have also gained another member of the family but he is a feline - Izaak.  I had forgotten just how much a cat adds to the household and how charming they are.  He is only young (20 weeks) and I hope to train him up so that he can accompany us off on our travels in the motorhome.

We didn't do much home education though we normally do something every day.  The time together was precious and it seemed wrong to engage in battles over maths when a game of Rummikub was at hand.

The older generation arrives today as they couldn't make Christmas due to illness.  I can't wait to visit all those museums together and play card games with them for the next week.

However, the home-education starts today...