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Welcome to my home education blog!

My name is Helen and I live in Congleton, Cheshire in the UK. 

I run a business called Inspire To Write with my husband, David.  We self-publish and epublish his poetry and novels. We have also turned some of the poems into songs and raised enough money to dig a well for a school in Uganda.

David hates technology and writes everything longhand in a million notebooks.  I interpret the hieroglyphics and create the books.  I have taken to electronically doodling to illustrate his poems. 

We have home educated since 2002 and have six children.  One has left home and is now working full-time.  One is just finishing a performing arts degree. The other four are still at home.  We loosely follow a curriculum that we have designed - they all have to do exams like normal people!

By popular request in early 2013, I started blogging on our unusual lifestyle. It is (apparently) a bit weird and wonderful to be self-employed, living on a budget, home-educating and travelling whenever we can.

I recently split up the combined blog into separate specific blogs: one for home education and one for the self-publishing side of things (though I have left the old HE bits in the old posts)

One of my five minute doodles created the appealing little character of Mr Smile who appeared in one of David's poems.  Mr Smile is proving extremely popular in the school's my husband works in up and down the country.  We have decided that Mr Smile merits his own blog of happiness.

Thanks for reading - enjoy the blogs!