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Monday, 28 April 2014

Home education and career paths

Though I read quite a few home education blogs, I haven't read any posts recently about what happens as home-educated children progress to young adults.  I love reading the blogs of people with younger children as it takes me back to the days spent doing similar pursuits with my gang.  Now, it may just be that I haven't come across many posts to do with older children yet but there is only so long I can sit on my backside in front of a screen for!  After all, the home education (and housework etc) demands my time and attention too.

For this post, I will dedicate my next few posts to brief profiles of our six children.  If you wish to ask any questions about exams or anything else, please do so via Comments.  Let me start with the eldest and work down...

Daughter aged 24 in July 2014 (attended school until aged 12/Year 7)

Personality traits - studious and self-disciplined but a self-confessed perfectionist who continues to put pressure upon herself.  Loves singing and receives professional voice training
Favourite academic subjects - music, history, maths but jack of all trades, loves reading historical fiction
IGCSEs obtained prior to age 16 - English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography
Further Education - at Sixth Form college:  AS History, AS Critical Thinking, AS/A2 Maths, AS/A2 Further Maths, BTEC certificate Drama
Higher Education - University of York studying Maths but dropped out during first year as the university lifestyle did not suit her despite doing well in her subject (verified by my speaking to her tutor!).
Progression thereafter - found job training as an accounts clerk and moved a long away from home.  Completed two years of Open University degree course in Maths (statistics) before the OU dropped the February start time forcing all units to be completed between October and February instead of being spread throughout the year.  She could not sustain full-time employment and the study hours necessary (dreadful shame and I wonder how many other students dropped out).  She is now running the accounts department and is second in command to the boss.  She has just bought her own flat through a shared ownership scheme.  Still singing and studying with a professional singer for Musical Theatre exams. New interests developed since leaving home: sailing, volleyball.
Future possibilities - possibly studying for CIMA exams.  More Musical Theatre exams