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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Exams: Physics without a text book

We are currently in Mallorca for a two week break in celebration of mine and Dave's birthdays.  With us, as ever, are four of our six lovely children and a selection of home education materials.  It is pared down on this occasion as we were trying to cut down on the hold luggage as EasyJet now charges £30 per item and most of our baggage weight always seems to be in books, shoes and sports equipment.

Responsibility for packing the IGCSE Geography and Physics was passed to the two students who were to ship it in their hand luggage.  Unfortunately, when we started unpacking, we discovered that the physics books were still back home.  Cue panic.

We are now adapting to the situation by using online resources that we haven't used before.  My starting point is the wonderful selection of resource sites on the home education site A Little Bit Of Structure (LBOS).  My gratitude to those blogging home-educating parents is immense.  I have cobbled together some extracts from old physics textbooks available from the National STEM Centre (nothing to do with cells but actually an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).  I also found a gem of a Kindle book "20:80 Physics" by Michael Reid that has some great techniques and mnemonics for remembering and manipulating formulae.

Amazon fortunately list Pearson's official textbook for IGCSE Physics so I can look inside and use the table of contents and index as a further prompt.  Unlike the IGCSE Geography which has its first sitting this May, the IGCSE Physics has been going for a couple of years and so I can download most of the past papers/marks schemes and examiners' reports from the subject page.

Now comes the tricky bit: putting all the resources together and delivering them to my two students.  Wish us luck!

P.S.  Now also found loads of material on Memrise: